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cyber crime law Important legal sections - Cyber welfare society

COMMON CYBER-CRIME SCENARIOS AND APPLICABILITY OF LEGAL SECTIONS Let us look into some common cyber-crime scenarios which can attract prosecution as per the penalties and offences prescribed in IT Act 2000 (amended via 2008) Act. A) Harassment via fake public profile on social networking site : A fake profile of a person is created on a social networking site with the correct address, residential information or contact details but he/she is labelled as ‘prostitute’ or a person of ‘loose character’. This leads to harassment of the victim.  Provisions Applicable : Sections 66A, 67 of IT Act and Section 509 of the Indian Penal Code.  B) Online Hate Community  : Online hate community is created inciting a religious group to act or pass objectionable remarks against a country, national figures etc. Provisions Applicable : Section 66A of IT Act and 153A & 153B of the Indian Penal Code. C) Email Account Hacking : If victim’s email account is hacked and obscene e