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Cyber awareness - About Professional Cyber Criminals प्रोफेशनल साइबर क्रिमिनल्‍स

  Professional Cyber Criminals The director of Product Solution Management for Asia Pacific and Japan Mr Tarun Kauro who even represents the Symantec Security Solutions says that the hackers now-a-days  have become more skilled and advanced. They have transformed the cyber crime into a well planned business model. Employing young budding hackers with good pay and great weekend policy they get work force easily who are even ready to work on hourly basis. Along with these, even low level cyber crimes are being promoted by them. India is a very easy prey Indian youth is very big in number with mobile connections. With internet in their hands, they are unaware about the types of crime happening online or in virtual world. With such critical cyber infrastructure, India is a hot destination for the hackers. There was a time when India was known as spam capital in the virtual world. While during the same time, the neighboring countries of India have seen a good amount of drop

Cyber Awareness- Do not entertain unknown international calls!

You are in the middle of something and a missed call annoys you. Thinking you have missed the call you want to call back immediately to make sure you didn’t miss something important. Wait. Before you call back, make sure that isn’t an international number From recent times, we are receiving missed calls from international numbers quite frequently. People are receiving such missed calls since long time, but now, its frequency has increased. The callers are fraudsters. These calls are traced to many parts of the world. The fraudster would call you and would cut the call within two rings. And you would think that you have missed an important call. Wait before calling back. Ignore such missed calls from international numbers. Do not call back. You must be aware of the ISD call charges of your telecom operator. Over that, once you would call, you would be directly linked to some music or adult services and the call hangs up on its own. After the call you would realize that a hefty b

India's first Cyber Welfare Society started in India to help the cyber victims online - cyber awareness ngo

India's first Cyber Welfare Society started in India to help the cyber victims online When a young Cyber Security expert realized that the cyber space is not safe for its users, he contacted various people and formed a Cyber Welfare Society of India. The team started the first Cyber Welfare Society of India in Indore, a city of Madhya Pradesh State. With the help of various experts and advisors, this first Indian Cyber welfare Society will be helping women and be given tips and advices on ‘how to tackle cyber crimes’. The team will be helping women free of cost. For this, they will be posting various articles, posts, blogs and even tweets reaching out to maximum number of people through as many as social mediums possible. The main aim of the NGO is to create a safe cyber space for women. Not all cyber crimes are being reported because people are not aware about how to deal with such crimes nor do they trust that a satisfactory solution could found out. Yes, that is true that at